Investigating the Use of Reminiscence Therapy Essay

Investigating the Use of Reminiscence Therapy Essay

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Investigating the Use of Reminiscence Therapy

Investigate the use of Reminiscence Therapy for both elderly clients,
and those suffering brain injury, and link to the theory of the
development of memory. Evaluate how this theoretical knowledge
increases the effectiveness of therapy and interventions in care.

Reminiscence Therapy is a technique that is used to encourage clients
to use their memory; they are supported to remember things about their
life and to share them with the group or therapist if they feel
comfortable. It is worth noting that Reminiscence Therapy is not
always done in groups, it can be individual work carried out one on
one basis with the client.

There are a few reasons as to why a therapist might reminisce with a
client on a one to one basis and these may be that the client is so
depressed they may not want to socialise with other people or they
have a low self-esteem so can not deal with a room full of strangers.
They may need extra attention because they are finding things
difficult or it could just be a particularly sensitive subject.

The normal way in which Reminiscence Therapy is carried out is that
the therapist would meet with the clients at a set time and date each
week, so that they feel they have continuity and there is time to
build up trust and confidence in the group or therapist. The therapist
would bring in things that could be used as retrieval cues such as
memorabilia, wartime things, recipes, clothes, etc. If the therapist
cannot bring the actual item then photos often are a good replacement,
this helps the client to remember more about that time. The session is
usually based around a pa...

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...being a good thing. In my opinion there are many benefits for
taking part in or leading a Reminiscence therapy group and it appears
to have little or no negative effects. It is important to remember
that just taking half an hour out of your day to focus completely on
the clients, if done correctly, can benefit everyone.

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