Dangers of Bringing About Cultural and Structural Change in an Organization

Dangers of Bringing About Cultural and Structural Change in an Organization

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Dangers of Bringing About Cultural and Structural Change in an Organization

Culture is defined by Schwartz and Davis as:

“A pattern of beliefs and expectations shared by the organisation’s

members. These beliefs and expectations produce norms and powerfully

shape the behaviour of individuals and groups in the organisation.” 6

To change the culture of a company is a very complex and slow task,
due to that there are a lot of variables which influence in culture
and the construction is very difficult to alter.

A culture just can be successful if it fits with the environment in
which it operates and if it’s appropriate to its structure.

The structure and environment can change quickly, so we will find few
situations when the company will be out of step with changes.7

Culture change is applicable through a variety of methods like
strategic planning, training, organisation, redesign to promote
teamwork, and changes to appraisal systems.

Many writers through their methods and techniques to change the
culture of a company.

In our opinion the most effective method to achieve the change are the
six ´practical´ steps of Cummings and Worley, which consist in:

- Formulate a clear strategic vision: First of all the company should
have a clear vision of the new strategy of the firm and of the
behaviour and shared values.8

In the AB Organisation this vision will include internal and external

aspects. The company wants an absolutely new style in the
organisation, with a participative policy and an internal
partnership, taking into account the opinion of all parts of
the company.

From the external poin...

... middle of paper ...

...s, for example a strong culture may
disturb diversity and prevents alternative strategies arising, and
this type of culture damages also the communication inside the

From another point of view, an autocratic management creates distanced
position to the rest of the company and won’t be able to change the
existing culture.

Organisational control disturbs the power balance which will be linked
usually to position and resource power.


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