Comparison of HR Practices and Employment Relations Philosophies in China and Taiwan

Comparison of HR Practices and Employment Relations Philosophies in China and Taiwan

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Comparison of HR Practices and Employment Relations Philosophies in China and Taiwan


In the face of ever-increasing globalization, both China and Taiwan
have now joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO); a more open market
economy and closer integration with the global economic order appears
to be inevitable for both countries (Magarinos et al. 2002). Human
Resource Management (HRM) is one of the critical tools for improving
productivity and competitiveness at the grass-roots level (Poole
1997). This Essays aims to identify and compare the current HRM
systems and practices at different types of enterprises in both China
and Taiwan respectively (Zhu and Warner 2000), to evaluate their
performance in this domain, as well as to illustrate the implications
of the inter-relationship between social norms/ environment and the
transformation of HRM in both economies.

The outcome of this comparison may be meaningful in terms of
understanding the theoretical arguments about the trend of HRM
development towards a ‘convergent’ or ‘divergent’ model within the
global production and economic systems of our time (Warner 2002) or
possibly a hybrid ‘cross-vergent’ phenomenon where national cultural
systems are blended with broader economic ideologies .

HR practices and employment relations philosophies of China

HRM is a term used to describe a wide range of activities involved in
attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining the best and most
capable people to perform within an organization. Western HRM places
importance not only on systematic recruitment but also on selection,
training, and development procedures, empha...

... middle of paper ...

...cmillan and New York: St Martin’s Press.

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