Essay on Citizens Advice Bureau

Essay on Citizens Advice Bureau

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Citizens Advice Bureau

The main stages a consumer with problems, or who is making a complaint
needs to go through are: -

1. To make a complaint as soon as possible to the supplier of goods
and services. If you have a problem about something, always let
the supplier deal with the matter. Also you could lose some of
your legal rights if you leave a complaint too long.

2. You also need to take any proof of what you’ve brought with you,
such as a receipt. You should not leave it with the retailer
though. As you might need it later.

3. If you live a fair distance from wherever you purchased an item
and had called by telephone and got no reply, then it would be a
good idea to write to their Customer Services Manager and explain
the problem by letter.

4. Explain clearly and come straight to the point in your letter.
Firstly, you state where you brought the goods or service, and
then clearly what has gone wrong. Then state where and when you
called, if you have already visited the firm, the name of the
person who spoke to, and finally, in the last statement, write
about what you want done and give them a sensible deadline.

5. If the company phones you, you should make a note of the date and
what they’ve said.

6. The problem is usually solved by this stage, but you don’t have
to accept the first offer you receive, if you don’t think it’s

7. If all else fails and you aren’t getting anywhere, then we advise
you to get expert advice e.g. by requesting another seller place
their views in writing, by getting in touch with...

... middle of paper ...

... summons forms with the relevant information and a brief outline of the
case. You then pay a small fee, which is repaid if you win. The
court then serves the summons. The defendant has 14 days to respond.
If there is not response then the claimant fills in a form asking the
curt to file a judgement. The court will decide how mush and issues a
judgement with damages assessed by them. The defendant can then
dispute this amount if they think it excessive and the court will then
make a final judgement. If the defendant does files a defence the
court will send a copy to the claimant. Allocation questionnaires are
sent to both parties, who both have to completed and return by a
specified date to the court. A Hearing date will be set. At the
hearing a decision will be made. The defendant can appeal if they
want to.

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