Essay about My Contribution to Charity

Essay about My Contribution to Charity

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My Contribution to Charity

For the following three activities I have taken part in, I have worked
with a number of different people. For the wheelchair access I worked
with a group of three school-friends: Adewale Akinwale, Victoria
Atherton and Harriet Lancelotte. Producing the poster I worked with
Victoria and Harriet. For the final part the Christmas shopping for
the elderly, I worked within a team helping the community. I decided
to work with those people because I know them very well, so we can
work quicker and express our views easily so therefore the community
work that we completed had a better result. In those three events I
partook different roles in each so everyone had a fair part to play.
Firstly I gave my view on the access to a variety of shops, I also sat
in the wheelchair having to an experience the difficulties faced by
many disabled people. Secondly I gave lots of ideas on how we could
display the information to advertise the Christmas shopping event on a
poster. Lastly I helped out the elderly and the disabled with there
Christmas shopping. I found it was a great experience and I learnt
lots, and my friends also found it interesting.

Contribution by others:

In order for all the events to go to plan, lots of different people
had to be involved. For the first community work, a survey had to be
produced by Wycombe District Council, so we could use it to comment on
and then as and end result they could use it to update its wheelchair
access guide. Also members of Wycombe Youth Action helped organise for
it and provide the wheelchair. One of them was Alan Switalski, who
took us to see the Wycombe District Coun...

... middle of paper ...

...te and give us lots
of advice on the activities we partook in. There were the very
important people from Wycombe Youth action who were running our
community activity and the head of wheelchair access in Wycombe
district council. However the main contributors were the people in my
team Victoria Atherton, Harriet Lancelotte and Adewale Akinwale who
played a key part in all the rolls.

Everyone contributed in many different ways such as collecting
information, discussing about disabled access and helping us
understand, giving us the wheelchair and the great opportunities for
us to do this, giving us the wheelchairs. My team contributed towards
teamwork and gave encouragement and used leaderships skills and
compromises. All the team members were good teams and no one ever gave
up they all found really interesting too.

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