Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator Essay

Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator Essay

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Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator

The film that I have chosen to analyse is Gladiator. I have chosen to
analyse the scene where the gladiators are battling in the Middle
East. The scene contains many features and editing techniques which
make the fight sequence exciting and thrilling. The scene begins with
a medium high angle shot of a goat with blood dripping down its body.
This shot frames the body of the goat and gives it a sense of
vulnerability. The shot creates meaning to the viewer who can predict
that the scene might contain violence or bloodshed of some sort. The
camera then zooms outward into an establishing shot to give the viewer
an idea of the setting. The mise en scene conveys the setting, which
is in the desert, the costumes are distinctive of the Middle East and
to accompany this there is non diegetic Middle Eastern music. All of
these aspects of mise en scene and the camera shot completely give the
viewer an idea of the setting. The title of the film is Gladiator,
from this the viewer would expect the film to be set in Rome, but
these features are put together to highlight that the setting is not
in Rome. The desert and Middle Eastern music are not typical features
of Rome.

The props and setting also convey the genre of the film. The genre is
a historical adventure and although the scene is not set in Rome there
are features such as the coliseum and chariots which suggest to the
audience that the film is set in that particular time period. The
props i.e. the armour plating, swords, and battle axes are also
distinctive to the genre. The establishing camera shot in which all of
this is shot is al...

... middle of paper ...

the battle as a haze. The music then begins to go quieter and at this
stage the 360Ëš shot turns to the crowd instead of Russell Crowe and
here the camera begins to become dark and unclear, this is where the
next scene begins. This use of the 360° is effective as it ends the
scene mysteriously. The shot is fast and distorted leaving the viewer
longing for more exciting and thrilling battles. And because the scene
is early on in the film, the viewer could predict more battles to come
after the mysterious and distorted ending.

In conclusion, the scene contains many camera and editing techniques
such as low and high angle shots, quick speed and order of editing and
the camera shot behind the netting. All of these shots created a
specific meaning to the audience and are intended to create a specific

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