Essay on Religion and Medical Ethics

Essay on Religion and Medical Ethics

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Religion and Medical Ethics

I am discussing the issues that are put forward by Christians
concerning the sanctity of life in relation to abortion and what their
beliefs are. There are no Biblical scriptures that deal directly with
abortion; however I will refer to passages in the Bible that refer to
life and other relevant areas. Abortion is the termination of a
pregnancy and can be defined as the deliberate destruction of a
foetus, causing its death. The 1967 Abortion Act allows a woman to
terminate or end her pregnancy up to the 24th week; however there is
no time limit if there is a high risk to her life or if the foetus has
major abnormalities. A woman must also have the permission or consent
of two doctors that agree upon the decision to have an abortion.

People who agree with abortion are often referred to as pro-choice and
some of the reasons for doing so are; every woman should have their
own choice and this should be respected; if the woman is expecting a
severely handicapped child or if the pregnancy is a result of rape.
However there are also people who completely disagree with abortion
and think that it is inhumane, this group is often referred to as
pro-life. Some reasons they disagree with abortion are; even as a
foetus, the baby, as a person, has rights and these should be
respected; there are a lot of people who are desperate to adopt but
there are few babies up for adoption. Roman Catholics are taught that
abortion is never right, they believe that life is sacred and look to
abortion as murder.

You need to determine ‘Is the foetus human, or merely a mass of
tissue?’ If you think that a foetus is a human then...

... middle of paper ...

...ieve that capital punishment it is right as long the
right criminal is charged and there is no shadow of doubt. A Christian
is taught that murder is wrong; because it was one of the Ten
Commandments that God gave to Moses in the wilderness these
commandments are a touchstone for Christians.

‘Do not commit murder’ Exodus 20: 13

I believe that you cannot say whether you believe this statement is
right or wrong until you have taken every situation individually;
until you have looked at all the facts and you have considered what
you believe in the other areas of life and death. This is what I found
out doing this piece of coursework.


The King James Study Bible, Nelson

The Penguin English Dictionary


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