Essay on Language Analysis in a Text

Essay on Language Analysis in a Text

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Language Analysis in a Text

Text 1

An extract from chapter 18, ‘Population, health and ageing.’ By
Anthony Giddens (London Polity Press, 1993, pp. 602 – 605.)

This is a purely academic text. Its main aim is to inform and educate
its audience. To achieve this he employed features that are typical of
academic writing. The sentences are straight to the topic. He also
employed sequential development of the theme of the essay, leading his
audience through the history of health and illness. The references to
different curative measures and the different stages of development
were for the purpose of emphasis. He used words that are relevant such
as ‘medical diagnosis.’, ‘medical technology’, plague’,’ infectious
diseases’, ‘mortality’, ‘surgery’, ‘antibiotics’, ‘immunisation’, etc.
The carefully chosen words in the text are to enhance the theme.

The target audience are a higher education group of learners. The
sentences are regular and conventional. He also employed authentic
quotes and references, e.g. he referred to Ayurvedic medicines –
traditional healing practiced in India. He also quoted the biomedical
model of health. The term used by Ross Hume Hall.

The text is very effective. This is due to the careful combination of
factors that enhanced the effectiveness. Dictions are relevant. The
text is well structured. The development of the theme is systematic.

Text 2

Charles Dickens, The Uncommercial Traveller and reprinted pieces.

In context the text is a typical early form of writing which is
particular to journalism. The first paragraph briefly tells the
audience the activities of politicians. Words and phrases such...

... middle of paper ...

... wrote on
the plight of the societies under privilege.


1. The Oxford School Dictionary of Word origins

John Agto

University press 2004

2. William Strunk and E.B. White

The elements of style

Allyn and Bacon 1979

3. Longman

4. Dictionary of contemporary English (New Edition)

Reading self – assessment sheet.

I read through each text 3 times. First I skimmed through each piece.
Then I scanned through and concentrated on key words and phrases. I
was looking for particular characteristics in the text.

I also referred to dictionaries to understand the meaning of some
difficult words.

I had to carefully read the text and make reference to a dictionary so
as to be able to give a good analysis of the texts.

Finally I read each piece careful and made notes.

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