The Cave - Original Writing Essay

The Cave - Original Writing Essay

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The Cave - Original Writing

Averting attention had always been far too easy for Deft. Imperial
transponder codes, too easy to attain, to forge... or have forged.
"Commander Derivan, you have permission to proceed to sector 478.
Please sir, do be careful, it is a savage world.", the comm officer

"Thank you for your concern officer, it is duly noted.", Deft
arrogantly replied as he steered his Oppressor towards the planet. The
small clearing was easy to see through the lush vegetation. He would
owe the Captain for yet another favor. It was of no true concern to
him however, he already owed him far more than he could probably ever

The lush surrounding vegetation violently shook as he touched down.
Switching off the power, the whine of the generator slowly quelled,
Deft stepped from the vessel, wearing only his robes under a black
cloak, wielding his newly crafted lightsaber.

The visions were weaker now, more distant. His thoughts were clearing.
He began his trek through the dense jungle. Somehow, even after all
this time.... Yinchorr felt inviting.

The rocks around him hovered carefully in place. "You must feel it
move within you.", the small pyramid shaped holocron had instructed.
The instruction was efficient. He was coming along quickly. The rocks
began to swirl around him... slowly at first, then gradually
faster.... and faster still, until they were but blurred images of
themselves. Deft's eyes closed with a cold determination as his head
lowered slightly, focusing himself. The air seemed to hiss as the
rocks spun violently around him.

Images flooded his mind. Pale blue eyes, familiar, cold, cal...

... middle of paper ... uncaring, indifferent. A short
hesitation hung in the air before he proceeded, cutting the Emperor
off as he begun to speak, "I understand that I have grown tired of
your meddling old man. And perhaps.... a change is indeed needed."

The Emperor's sudden rage could be heard as Deft simply deactivated
his com and boarded his ship. Activating the radio aboard The
Subterfuge, he quickly contacted Tovina, "My dear, I think we need to
have a little discussion."

Deft knew now what he sought, and being subservient to Palpatine was
no longer fitting for him... he was better than that... stronger. The
time had come for Deft to take what was his.... by force. For the
Emperor had indeed twisted him to the Dark Side as intended, though,
perhaps he twisted a bit too hard. Perhaps.... now it was Deft's turn,
to twist back.

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