Analysis of Features Used in Advertisement Essay

Analysis of Features Used in Advertisement Essay

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Analysis of Features Used in Advertisement

Advertising has one basic aim, which is to persuade people to buy
goods or services. However, tactics are employed by advertisers to
convince customers that they need or want the goods or services
offer. Often, advertising can create a need, for example, in the case
of “must have” latest fashions or designer labels. This is done by
manipulating certain features of an advert such as pictures, slogans,
headlines, etc, to emphasise the things advertisers think are most
likely to convince you to buy the product when you se the advert. I
am going to look at some of the techniques used by advertisers to
achieve their aims.

According to Microsoft’s Encarta encyclopaedia one of the earliest
forms of advertising was outdoor display. Archaeologists have found
eye-catching signs painted on the walls of ancient buildings thousands
of years old. One of these advertisements offered property for rent
in Rome; another from Pompeii informed travelers of an inn situated
in another town. In medieval times rumours of products and services
led to the use of Town Criers who walked the streets reading public
notices aloud. Merchants would pay them to call out the praises of
their products.

It was not until the invention of the printing press that advertising
as it is today really got off the ground. The greatest advances in
early printed advertising took place in the ISA where leaflets and
catalogues were recognized by merchants as a way of teaching their
customers directly, rather than through wholesalers or retailers.
American seed production companies were pioneers of this type of

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conjunction with the use of a super model suggest the target audience
are men. Use of the words “safety” and “new” are meant to drive home
the message that this car is newer and safer than other cars.

I enjoyed this coursework assignment. I find the tactics and ploys
used by advertisers fascinating and it is evident that successful
advertising is a highly skilled art. The impact on consumers of the
manipulation of certain types of language, clever and appealing
imagery and the way these are presented as a whole is quite
remarkable. Perhaps as a result of my work on this assignment I will
be less easily swayed by clever advertising. On the other hand, if an
insight into how advertising works was enough to “insulate” consumers
against being swayed advertising would not be so successful an
industry, would it?

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