The Effect of the Three Consecutive General Elections on the Labour Party

The Effect of the Three Consecutive General Elections on the Labour Party

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The Effect of the Three Consecutive General Elections on the Labour Party

During the 1980’s the conservative party was, without doubt, the
dominant party in England. They had overcome such opposition in the
form of trade unionists and their ideology was approved. The general
election of June 11, 1987 was the third victory in a row for Margaret
Thatcher and the Conservatives. She was the first leader since the
Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool to win three successive
elections. However this was a major turning point in the conservative

The Conservative government had survived the industrial disputes with
the mine workers (1984-85) and the print unions (1985-86), the 1986
Westland problems had been put aside with the loss of Michael
Heseltine and Leon Brittan and the economy was performing well.

However in the years 1987 – 1992 the conservatives had seem to forget
how they first came into power. Rather than keeping their feet on the
ground they understandably got a little bit secure of their position.
They became to big headed. During this period it allowed the labour
party to modernise and gave them yet more time to reflect on their
defeat and ways to improve, so in fact Conservatives third election
wins in a row was an advantage to the labour party. Though at the time
it appeared to be that the Conservatives were on the rise.

During the 1987 and 1993 elections the Conservative party became
victims to their own success, they began to believe their own hype.
They were so pre occupied with Europe and getting rid of the ‘wets’
that her style had almost become presidential. Also a rift began to
emerge in the pa...

... middle of paper ...

... a united party in power, so it was inevitable
that Conservatives and John Majors reign of power had come to an end
in the 1997 General elections. This was a landslide victory for Labour
and Conservatives were in disarray.

In conclusion between the years of 1987 and 1997 three general
elctions had taken place, despite Labour losing two of them, in the
long term it was the end of the Conservatives reign of power. They had
gone from a united strong powerful party to a split party with no
direction and under no guidance. This was due to them believing their
own hype and becoming overconfident and presidential. Labour had
realised the need for modernisation ad the Conservatives failed to
realise this, they thought their power trip would never end but it
did, to the hands of the charismatic Tony Blair on the 1st May 1997.

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