Assessment of the Reasons for Allied Victory in 1918 Essay

Assessment of the Reasons for Allied Victory in 1918 Essay

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Assessment of the Reasons for Allied Victory in 1918

During 1918, the effect of Stalemate along the Western Front saw 4
years of war trying to break it. Ideas and technology were outdated
and often tactics were unrealistic. A stretch in German supplies, the
intervention of the USA, the strategic strength of the allies along
with the deteriorating German homefront effort due to the naval
blockade saw the collapse their war effort.

From the failure of the Schlieffen Plan due to poor planning and heavy
reliance of the 42-day deadline, the German army also had the
difficulty of fighting a war on two fronts. These factors reflected
poorly on the leadership of the German high commanders.

Even though German high commanders have received much praise, they
relied on the ability of senior German generals. Many commanders
lacked ideas for victory and often were indecisive which led to
unwillingness of using modern technology and resources to conduct a
successful war effort.

Commanders had little understanding on what was really needed; many
only thought more men would successfully defeat the allied forces,
along with an increase in firepower all which strained the troubled
home nation.

Not only did the war effort rely on the efficiency of the army and
armed forces, but it also relied on the homefront. The German
homefront felt the brunt of the war and the British naval blockade was
not helping.

The naval blockade had been draining German resources since 1914 – by
1918, the blockade has seen the German nation on the edge of
revolution. The people were starving and the 4 years of war had
increasing industrial and political un...

... middle of paper ...

...ers were strained of resources due to the British Naval
Blockade while the Allies had a steady supply of their provisions due
to the support of the French and large British colonies.

Coordination of attacks by the allies showed more skill in producing a
successful outcome. The involvement of all aspects of the military in
which the Central Powers did not have or could not produce in times of
need. The advantage of this was showed through the defeat of the

There many aspects of the war that aided the success of allied forces
during 1918. Not only by the failure of the German army, but the
succession of victorious and improving military tactics of the allied
military services. The ability of the allies to sustain a consistent
supply of materials further heightened the ability of securing a
German defeat.

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