Exploring the Reasons for the Underachievement of Ethnic Minority Children

Exploring the Reasons for the Underachievement of Ethnic Minority Children

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Exploring the Reasons for the Underachievement of Ethnic Minority Children


Every child goes through the same education system, every child works
through the same ‘curriculum 2000’ set by New Labour and every child
sits the same exams up to the age of 16. So why are there marked
differences in educational attainment for ethnic minority students?

My main aim is to find out if racism is the main cause of the gap
between different ethnic groups in education, which can lead to some
ethnic minority groups being over represented in low-status, low paid

My investigation will look at the different explanations that
sociologists have used over the years to explain why
African-Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students are less likely
to achieve 5 A*-C than white and Indian students. To do this I will
use secondary evidence, statistics and studies to show the traditional
and more modern explanations for the ever-widening dissonance between
ethnic groups.

My primary research will be done by using informal interviews with
members of the Norfolk and Norwich national equality council. This
will help me find out what the situation is like in Norfolk, and if
people believe that the underachievement of some ethnic groups is due
to reasons such as cultural deprivation or institutional racism. Also
I would like to see if the situation has changed much over time,
therefore I will be using more dated research on top of more recent
research. I also hope that there may be a snowball effect once I
interview one group as they may suggest other people who are involved
in racial equality of education within...

... middle of paper ...

...other subjects were more glossed
over, like I felt that I didn’t like enough information about culture.
Therefore if I were to do this study again I would do a pilot study
and take more control in the interview. I was glad that I had sent a
summary of my context via email before my interview because it meant
that my respondent knew what I was studying, and it saved time in the
interview because we started talking about the subject straight away.

Overall I believe that I got all the data I needed, and I felt that
the conclusions I reached were valid. I would like to do some further
study into the subject, however I would like to travel to other parts
of the country and do some observational studies, to find out how
children think and feel about the situation, because I felt that the
area I live in does limited me.

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