The Main Techniques of Telling a Story in Various Films Essay

The Main Techniques of Telling a Story in Various Films Essay

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The Main Techniques of Telling a Story in Various Films

The First film I’m going to talk about is “The Blair witch project”
which is a story about 3 teenagers who are filming a documentary about
The Blair Witch which is a legend told for years which is said to be
true. They act and talk in dialogue making the film seem real we can
also relate to this film if we have ever filmed ourselves hanging out
with our friends as this is simply what this film does. The characters
are fun to start off with but as they get themselves into more
situations they become more miserable and dramatic.

They keep the camera rolling all the way through this which is a very
unique, interesting way to tell the story. They use incorporate a
handheld camera technique which makes it seem that they were actually
in this situation and obviously not edited which is deliberate. This
makes us seem very close to the characters and can feel all there
their reactions as the camera is held by them and any jerkiness of the
camera is shown creating unease for the audience when disasters are
happening because it feels like we’re actually there as it can be
threatening in each catastrophes as we are so close keeping us on the
edge of our seats giving us an action of eerie realism the lack of
music also helps to create this eeriness.

The mise- en- scene is only in the woods apart from the beginning
sequence where they interview the town which was a good idea but
didn’t really help the story much and there was a news report on the
TV this was another unique way of telling the story which seemed more
buyable to tell the story. The simple setting of the woods was very

... middle of paper ...

...ut the burglars past as they are arguing on the
scares which is shot at a high angle showing the burglar and junior’s
Vulnerability to Raoul. Burnham’s character is changed throughout the
film and we sympathises more with him as the film goes on as we see
his opposition to the other characters and how he doesn’t want anyone
killed and tries to help Sarah. Usually the hero will have a love
interest but as Meg is of a different ethnic background it isn’t
appropriate. Meg is also known as an actress to be the woman with the
highest IQ so a lot of her escapes we believe of Jodie foster as well
as of Meg.

Overall these two films are both very unique in the way they tell the
stories but only Panic room was successful as The Blair Witch Projects
unique conventions was also predictable which didn’t appeal to the

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