Security of the Political and Social Position of the Nobility in Early Modern Europe

Security of the Political and Social Position of the Nobility in Early Modern Europe

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Security of the Political and Social Position of the Nobility in Early Modern Europe

The nobility of early modern Europe were descended on the whole from
the mounted knights of medieval armies who had been granted land along
with social and political privileges and had subsequently formed a
higher social class. Between 1500-1789 the status of the aristocracy
came under threat both politically and socially. The rise of
‘absolutism’ within the monarchies of Europe led to the desire of
governments to reduce noble power and bypass several of their
privileges in order to increase state revenue and centralise
governmental control. The growth of the middle classes and the
destruction of the feudal system meant that the aristocracy had to
dramatically adapt to new social and economic situations. A great
difference can be seen between the survival of the nobility in Western
Europe and Eastern Europe, the latter maintaining great political
control and a substantial section of society. Western Europe saw the
decline of the nobility but also its movement towards a new role in

Scott describes the “three interlocking developments”[1] that
constituted the problems of the nobility in the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries. The first was economic as many families
experienced difficulties and drew closer in wealth to the aspiring
middle classes. The sixteenth century saw prices continue to rise as
rulers manipulated currencies and this proved a burden to the nobility
who relied solely upon the land for revenue. The aristocracy were
losing their traditional authority “politically to the centralising
state that was coming into existence ...

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