Exploration of the Manager’s Responsibility and the Role of Stakeholders

Exploration of the Manager’s Responsibility and the Role of Stakeholders

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Exploration of the Manager’s Responsibility and the Role of Stakeholders

Most scholarship on corporate governance in the last two decades has
focused on the relationships between shareholders and managers. Some
people think :“ A manager’s responsibility should be to the
shareholders alone”, but in my opinion manager have the responsibility
to all of the stakeholders, which a group with a direct interest in
the way on organization is performing and action it takes, include the
firm’s employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and local
community. In a company managing for value, the company’s goal is to
deliver value to shareholders. This does not imply that the company is
managed for value to harm or exclusion of the customers, the
employees, or other important consists. Manger delivers maximum
profits return to the shareholders while balancing the interests of
the other important constituents, including customers and employees.
Manager’s responsibility as a business is to define and enhance the
contribution make to that shared effort. Company must work with the
other stakeholders in sustainable development. Stakeholders are a
diverse group, some, such as shareholders and employees have a clearly
defined relationship with company. There are people with a stake in
the company itself. Others have a stake in the company’s activities.
Customers and suppliers are certainly affected by the success or
failure of company performs but not as directly as shareholder and
employees. The local communities that have a more interest in what
manager do and how manager do. The purpose of the manager for
stakeholder is to serve a wider range of inte...

... middle of paper ...

...all vital for company’s
perform. Make the profit maximization is the main aim of manager which
not means manager must harm one may be more of the stakeholders`
interest, because in today’s business activities require good
cooperation. The role of manager is to balance the interests between
company and stakeholders and lead to they prosperity together.


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