River Tees Drainage Baisin Essay

River Tees Drainage Baisin Essay

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River Tees Drainage Baisin

The river Tees flows from the Pennines in Cumbria, northwest England,
to the North Sea via Tees Bay. Its length is 130 km / 80 miles. Its
port, Teesport, handles in excess of 42 million tonnes of water per
year. Its main tributaries are the Lune, Balder, and Greta.
There are many factors affecting the drainage baiins of the River
Tees, many of these are human factors.

Water Barrage and Watersports: Much of the water nearing the sea is
polluted with industrial waste, sewage, and chemicals. The Tees
Barrage, which opened in 1995, enables a 16 km / 10 mile stretch of
the river to provide clean, non-tidal water. The barrage was built to
improve the river's watersports facilities by stabilising a stretch of
the river which was previously tidal. Four flood gates are operated by
hydraulic pistons making sure the river upstream stays at a constant

Forestry: Much of the Tees Forest has been felled to make room for the
built up areas along the river. This decreases the amount of
interseption taking place and unnatural concrete surface speed up the
flow of runoff into the river. The areas of forest left at river side
intersept rain and slow it down, with some also entering the biomass
store when the okats absorb the water.

Water Treatment: Northumbrian Water operates the Tees raw water system
to supply major industrial users with large amounts of partially
treated water. The system is the largest of its type in Europe and is
capable of delivering up to 10m3/s (10 cubic metres per second). Water
is abstracted from the River Tees via three pumping stations.

Water supply: In the Tees Valley the wat...

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...ade keeping the ground cool, reducing evaporation. The trees and the
roots are also a physical barrier slowing the movement of water. This
all changes the amount of water entering the river and the speed at
which it enters.

Relief: The head of the valley, of which the upper portion is known as
Teesdale, has many hills, exceeding 2500 feet in height at some
points, consisting of bleak moorland. Water will flow off of these
hills into the river increasing the volume of water entering the
river. This area has little vegetation further increasing the speed
that the water enters the river. There are many areas of steep decents
and so the are area with waterfall and rapids in the rivers. This
means the water is travelling through the river at high speed and so
has little time to infiltrate in surface into the ground store.

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