Essay about The Nature of Mathematics

Essay about The Nature of Mathematics

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The Nature of Mathematics

Mathematics relies on both logic and creativity, and it is pursued
both for a variety of practical purposes and for its basic interest.
The essence of mathematics lies in its beauty and its intellectual
challenge. This essay is divided into three sections, which are
patterns and relationships, mathematics, science and technology and
mathematical inquiry.

Firstly, Mathematics is the science of patterns and relationships. As
a theoretical order, mathematics explores the possible relationships
among abstractions without concern for whether those abstractions have
counterparts in the real world. The abstractions can be anything from
strings of numbers to geometric figures to sets of equations. In
deriving, for instance, an expression for the change in the surface
area of any regular solid as its volume approaches zero,
mathematicians have no interest in any correspondence between
geometric solids and physical objects in the real world.

A central line of investigation in theoretical mathematics is
identifying in each field of study a small set of basic ideas and
rules from which all other interesting ideas and rules in that field
can be logically deduced. Mathematicians are particularly pleased when
previously unrelated parts of mathematics are found to be derivable
from one another, or from some more general theory. Part of the sense
of beauty that many people have perceived in mathematics lies not in
finding the greatest richness or complexity but on the contrary, in
finding the greatest economy and simplicity of representation and
proof. As mathematics has progressed, more and more relationships have

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... that fit those rules, which includes inventing additional rules and
finding new connections between old rules.

In conclusion, the nature of mathematics is very unique and as we have
seen in can we applied everywhere in world. For example how do our
street light work with mathematical instructions? Our daily life is
full of mathematics, which also has many connections to nature.
Abstractions from nature are one the important element in mathematics.
Mathematics is a universal subject that has connections to many
different areas including nature.








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