Tsar Nicholas II and 1905 Revolution Essay

Tsar Nicholas II and 1905 Revolution Essay

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Tsar Nicholas II and 1905 Revolution

The Tsar (Nicholas II) survived the 1905 revolution. However, the
revolution in 1917 did remove him from power. When asking why Nicholas
II survived 1905 there are numerous factors to examine. Both
revolutions had extremely similar conditions. Levels of
dissatisfaction, strikes and the country moving towards a wartime
economy are all examples. It is also important to see small
differences which gave the two events such contrasting outcomes and
determined the survival and the fall of the Tsar.

In February 1904 war broke out between Russia and Japan over a town
called Manchuria situated in Northern China. After suffering a
humiliating defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, Russia expected severe
peace terms. However, due to the negotiations presided over by
President Roosevelt the terms were quite lenient. This allowed
Nicholas to save face, pride and secure his position. In 1905, despite
the appalling conditions that the workers in the agricultural and
industrial sectors were suffering, there was still support and good
will towards the Tsar. It is suggested that the people did not blame
the Tsar, but his advisers for the state of the country.

On the 22nd January 1905 peaceful demonstrations began, co-ordinated
by the Union of Liberation, these demonstrations were an attempt to
make the Tsar transform the Russian government. The demonstrators
marched towards the Winter Palace in St Petersburg peacefully and
unarmed. Regardless of this they were massacred before the palace,
this event becoming known as 'Bloody Sunday'. They were lead by
Father Gapon; who became one of the revolution's most vigoro...

... middle of paper ...

...d War 1. This revolution
actually had a established opposition in the shape of Stalin's
communist party this meant no peaceful protest like in 1905, the
protests were riots and with no backing from his army, who walked out
on 12th March, the Tsar was helpless. The last reason it was
successful was this revolution had and motivator and leader that man
was Lenin.


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