Essay about The Effects of Colonization on African Countries

Essay about The Effects of Colonization on African Countries

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The Effects of Colonization on African Countries

If Africa were a person, it would be a wise, young, memorable woman
with a difficult past. It would be wise because of its knowledge
through experience, young because of its age in comparison with other
countries, memorable because of its life-long history, and a woman
because of its patience and grueling work. The continent Africa, to
some extent is all these things; but because Africa consists of at
least 54 different countries, each with its own chronicle, it is
cannot be a person, for a person is a characteristic individual. Thus,
Africa is not as wise and collected as it should be. Young? Maybe;
memorable? Possibly; but wise? That is debatable. One of the most
fascinating things about Africa is its suffering and challenging past.
Throughout its years of struggle, its ultimate independence by 1970
has been its biggest achievement. Due to its previous colonization and
control, this period was a large step for the continent. Africa was
faced with several problems and challenges, some brought shortly
after, and some occurring long-term. Whatever the case, many of these
difficulties have affected the lifestyle of Africans today that sets
Africa apart from the rest of the world at present. The continent is
labeled as being the “Third World”. The “Dark Continent”. Why? Why is
Africa different from the rest of the world’s continents? The answer
is categorized into three different forms. The reason Africa is
diverse to continents such as America, Australia, Great Britain is
because it suffers from the problems that it did since its
independence, which can be classified into the groups ‘Econ...

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