The Change of USA During the Second World War Essay

The Change of USA During the Second World War Essay

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The Change of USA During the Second World War

Over the course of the Second World War, American society changed in
various ways. Though some things good, a lot of things also got worse.
In this essay I will try to explain how and what exactly happened
during and after the Second World War.

Women’s lives changed dramatically during the war but got no better
after it. Before the US entered the conflict, women were portrayed as
being basic house wives who did not work or do anything other than
look after their husband. This changed a lot after the American Troops
fought around the world. Leaving their jobs, homes and families, the
women of America were left to fill in for their husbands. They took up
the men’s jobs, roles in society and still did the usual jobs in and
around the house. But all women did not just fill in for the male.
Some became cover girls, politicians and even military workers. By
January of 1944 WACs (Women’s Army Corps) arrived in the Pacific and
in July of 1944, WACs landed on the beach at Normandy 100,000 in total
serving at this time. Despite the women of America keeping the country
going, when the war ended, most of the men returned to their jobs, the
women returned home to carry on from what was before and life simply
went on.

The role of the federal Government during the war became stronger.
Everyday Americans were needed desperately to help win the war, faith
was needed in the Government by American people-faith was restored.
Despite spending a high amount of the nation’s money, Americans were
told this was essential to create full employment and a higher
standard of living. There was a general agreeme...

... middle of paper ...

...ome in terms of civil rights as well as abroad on the battlefield.
Many other things happened, but would this better treatment continue
after the war?

In 1948 surprise President Harry Truman introduced a civil rights plan
that included a lynching bill, on measures designed to stop poor
people from voting. However Truman became an enemy of his own party as
governors in Southern States opposed his views. Eventually many of
Truman’s ideas had to be dropped in fear of losing white voters in the
south. The Government was also told to employ a higher percentage of
black Americans, which again sparked anxiety from the southern states.

Overall life changed a lot for the lives of Americans during the
Second World War. Many things changed, but many things returned to
normal, but in the end WW2 changed America for the better.

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