Essay on The Nature of God and Miracles

Essay on The Nature of God and Miracles

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The Nature of God and Miracles

Christians believe in miracles because of biblical evidence. There are
many examples of God’s intervention on behalf of the Jews, which were
seen as miraculous. For example, when the Jews were escaping out of
Egypt in the old testament (Exodus) God intervened several times; when
they were trapped between the red sea and the army of the pharaoh God
was seen to part the sea so they could cross; when they were hungry in
the desert he sent manner so they could eat; and when Jericho got in
the way god destroyed the city when they marched round it for seven

The Bible records many miracles occurring over a period of more than
4000 years. But it is easy to get the misconception that miracles were
common occurrences in biblical times. This is not the case. It is the
nature of history to record events out of the ordinary therefore
miracles will seem much more common than they actually are. The very
reason that these things were recorded is because they were unusual
occurrences of supernatural or miraculous activity.

The miracles of Jesus have an extra significance; they are evidence of
a messiah ship, and his special role on earth. They show Gods power at
work, not by him, but through him. This was shown when a woman in a
crowd touched Jesus’ cape and he felt the power drain out of him.

Jesus performed miracles to teach people as well as show God’s power,
there are four main points of teaching to be learned from the
miracles. He taught that people should “see the light of God” he
showed this by giving sight back to the blind, such as blind
Bartimaeus. He taught that God would forgive peoples sins...

... middle of paper ...

...will be healed or the miracle will occur because of the
power of God.

I personal think that science has actually added in the proving of
miracles, even though less miracles are reported to off happened, ones
that are have usually been proved to have been true by the aid of
science. More miracles happen in the modern age where people are put
in a situation which stops them from otherwise potential fatal
situations, such as people being in a house on a hill when a flash
flood occurs; whereas in biblical times miracles were based around
health as there wasn’t as much medical knowledge as there is in modern
times. Therefore, there are still miracles today just in a different
form to those reported on in the bible. People have faith in god in
certain situations just as they have faith in doctors in medical

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