The Perception of the Perception Essay

The Perception of the Perception Essay

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The Perception of the Perception

The subjective nature of perception is an inborn characteristic
humanity. However, humans found the ability to still classify
knowledge under two categories, objective and subjective. Knowledge in
the subjective sense, or subjective knowledge for short, is the
individual knowledge that each person gains through personal
experiences. Artists often try to portray a scene that has an
emotional and psychological effect on the viewer, by drawing on their
own experiences and thoughts. However, scientists are interested in
developing the former type of knowledge, knowledge in the objective
sense. Objective knowledge is subjective knowledge which has passed
through public scrutiny and hence can be referred to in a sentence as
“It is well known that …”. Therefore I have surmised that the
subjective nature of perception is an advantage for artists, in that
it allows the creation of art which has a connection to creator,
however for the scientists, it results in much more complicated
procedure in order to lift the subjective nature of the knowledge they
have gathered and yield objective knowledge.

My first address will be to the problem afflicted by scientists. This
problem is well described Sir Karl Popper in his lecture at Emory
University, “It happens very rarely that a man first forms a
conviction on the basis of personal experience, publishes it, and gets
it objectively accepted as one of the things we say ‘It is known
that…’.”[1] Instead the growth of scientific knowledge, the knowledge
that scientists are primarily concerned with, follows a process of
elimination. Scientific knowledge is another name...

... middle of paper ...

...e mental states of the public, but as a product
of the collective human mind, world 3. The only way anything can reach
world 1 from world 3 is for some human, that is their world 2 mental
states, to create that world 3 product in world 1. Thus as soon as
objective knowledge passes through world 2, an impression of the
creator’s mental state is marked on the world 3 product making it
subjective knowledge before it becomes the art.


Popper, Karl. Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Defence of
Cornwall: Routledge, 1944. 1-23.


[1] Popper, Karl. Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Defence of
Interaction. Pg. 13

[2] Popper, Karl. Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Defence of
Interaction. Pg. 5

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