Observation of Young Infants During Day Care Essay

Observation of Young Infants During Day Care Essay

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Location: Sunny Days Day Care

This day care center is a good base for study in this field. Unlike most other day care centers, this center is Spanish speaking but is not exclusive to infants of Spanish origin or background. The center is open to infants of all ethnic backgrounds and the purpose is to teach a second language at an early age when it is easiest to pick up.

The Nurse to infant ratio is: 2:6

The children can attend between the hours of 9.30 and 18.00

Breakfast, lunch and tea provided along with fruit time


Child A (of English background)

Child B (of English Background)

Child C (of Spanish Background)

Child D (of Spanish Background)

Child E (of other background)

The Teacher explained to me that from her experience it usually takes
around one year and sixth months for a young child to become fluent.

Child A:

The teacher spoke to him in Spanish and then repeated what she had
said in English- in order to aid the understanding and learning
process for the subject, this method seemed beneficial as the infant
responded and appeared to have a good level of comprehension.

Occasionally engaged only in solitary play although not isolated

Child B:

Had a very short attention span and varied her play continuously
although this probably had no link with her learning skills it was
noticeable that she did not pick up Spanish as fast as the other
children, but this is most likely just an individual trait.

Child C:

In contrast to the first two subjects, this infant only spoke Spanish
on his arrival to the day care centre but he soon learnt English the
play and interaction with the oth...

... middle of paper ...

particularly picked up on Spanish quickly and were able to communicate
with no problems differentiating between the two languages.

My main worry was that there would be a strong segregation between the
mother tongued English and Spanish children again I was proved wrong
because the children all interacted affectionately with one another
and their differing background cause no problems this is what I
actually think makes the day care work so well; the variation of
children in attendance as they all learn from one another and are
enriched by this.

I conclude that the most important factor in day care is the sheer
quality of it, the centre I visited was of an exceedingly high
standard but one must remember not all day care is and the adjustment
and suitability to day care is individual to each and every child.

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