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Measuring World Development

Development is a complex economic, social and political phenomenon.
There are a range of simple and composite indicators used to measure
development. There are many definitions of development, perhaps the
most used is;

“Development refers to a number of characteristics such as demographic
change, economic growth, an increase in the case of resources,
modernisation, higher levels of technology and political freedom.”

Indicators of development are put into four sectors: Economic, Social,
Political and environmental.

These factors can be broken down into two groups, simple and
composite. Such simple indictors would be birth rate, death rate and
GNP. Examples of composite indicators are PQLI, HDI and HSI. All of
these indicators can be measured quantitatively. The HDI is the human
development index, which is based on adult literacy rates, standard of
living based on GNP per capita, life expectancy and income. The HDI
is a measure of how well people can live long, healthy and creative

However, qualitative measures of development are non quantitative.
Examples of these are freedom and security, human suffering index,
human development index, sustainability, conservation and the plight
of indigenous people. These indicators do not strictly follow the
definition as described above. This definition is mainly based upon
the MEDC interpretation of ‘developed’ or ‘developing’. It does not
look at things which to some people, may also determine a ‘developed’
or ‘non developed’ country. For example, aborigines in Australia,
according to the definition would most certainly not be classe...

... middle of paper ...

... the collapse of the former communist
government of East Germany. Now, the two countries have joined to
become one Germany. The advantages of this are that the country now
has a central command economy, and is now a western democracy. Also,
East Germany is an open market.

Another example of how patterns of world development are changing is
Newly Industrialized Countries or NIC’s as they are more commonly
known. A good example is South Korea, whose economic growth is high,
at around 7% per year. The country invests highly in its industrial
base and it has a young, well educated workforce with full employment.
In order to become more flexible and competitive the Government is
helping to fund small and medium sized businesses and industries to
set up in the country to improve the economic strength of the country.

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