Essay on The Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

Essay on The Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

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The Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

To this day the Spanish Civil War is still remembered as the single
most pivotal moment in the history of Spanish politics. The only way
of understanding how 600,000 Spaniards were killed between 1936 and
1939 is to ask ourselves why the civil war broke out in Spain in
1936. There were a number of reasons which led to the civil war in
Spain. The main and most significant being the increased political
polarization between the left and right wing parties.

This polarization primarily began within Spanish society, which had
been characterized by its strong religious beliefs and conservative
values, as it remained a strict Roman Catholic country for many
centuries. This was evident in the senate[1] where some of the clergy
held seats. As a result of this the church also played an important
role in the Spanish government and had portrayed its influence through
aspects of education[2] and freedom of expression. This was an
important factor that contributed to the start of tensions within the
Spanish society as many Spaniards felt that the church had too much
political authority and wealth.

However, it was only after the Spanish-American War in 1898 that the
divisions became apparent. Evidently, Spain’s loss of its colonies[3]
lowered the morale of the Spanish people and reflected Spain’s
backward and deteriorating nation,[4] especially in respect to the
development of other European countries of that period. It was here
that the Spanish realised their desperate need for ‘regeneration.’
However, a disagreement on the type of change needed divided the
Spanish nation into two factions, ...

... middle of paper ...

...d Carr, ‘The Republic and the
Civil War in Spain’ p.47.

[8] Called the ‘Turno Pacifico.’

[9] See David Mitchell, ‘The Spanish Civil War’ pp.6-7.

[10] Large private estates in Southern Spain worked by landless
peasant labourers. See Martin Blinkhorn, ‘Democracy and Civil War in
Spain.’ P.4.

[11] The founders of Roman Catholicism. Religious clauses stated on
p.46, Hugh Thomas, ‘The Spanish Civil War.’

[12] The Spanish Communist Party

[13] Revolutionary, Anti-Stalinist Communist Party.





[18]See Raymond Carr, ‘The Republic and the Civil War In Spain.’
Editor’s introduction, p.10.

[19] Name given to the period between the November 1933 election and
the end of 1935, meaning the ‘two black years.’

[20] See David Mitchell, ‘The Spanish Civil War,’ p.4.

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