Workplace for Disabled Employees Essay

Workplace for Disabled Employees Essay

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Workplace for Disabled Employees

    A person with a disability, or handicap, can be defined as someone with a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial or long-term adverse affect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (Employment 2). Handicap workers face many challenges in the work place that the average person overlooks. Also, many special arrangements and alterations have been made to the workplace for people with handicaps. Accessibility, transportation, workload, and salary are just some of the many issues that must be considered with the prospect of employing the handicap.


In some ways, most every individual is disabled to some degree. People who wear corrective lenses are visually disabled. People without a college degree are often considered educationally disabled. Any physical or mental trait that prevents a person from performing to the same level as an unimpaired person could be considered a handicap. However, wearing glasses and not having a college degree are not usually considered to be traits that get in the way of every day life. Most disabilities that affect a person by societal standards are mild to extreme physical limitations and/or mental retardation.


Often the focus of comedic routines, people with speech impairment face ridicule and embarrassment with he simple act of trying to communicate with others. Stuttering, foreign accents, and difficulty with vowel pronunciation all affect the meaning behind the spoken language. For example, a statement made quickly with a harsh tone could be perceived as anger. The same statement made with a slower and softer voice could be considered as sadness. Considered these inflections w...

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...fectively allow these individuals to become part of the nation's labor force (Vocational 1).


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