Evaluating the Effectiveness of Richard III as King of England Essay

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Richard III as King of England Essay

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Richard III as King of England

In April 1493, Edward IV died suddenly and Richard was appointed
‘protector’ over his son who was too young to govern on his own.
Richard gained the throne by he imprisoned the two sons of Edward and
may even have had them executed. Like many Kings he murdered nobles
(Hastings and Rivers) and their predecessors but the difference is his
predecessor was a child. The usurpation was too ruthless and too
ambitious that it coloured everything that he did during his reign.

He tried to court popularity by the promotion of Justice, especially
for the poor with the appointment of a master of requests. He donated
money for the completion of St. Georges Chapel at Windsor and great
kings college in Cambridge. He modernized Barnard Castle, built the
great hall at Middleham and the great hall at Sudeley Castle. He
undertook extensive work at Windsor Castle and ordered the renovation
of apartments at one of the towers at Nottingham Castle. He abolished
benevolences in 1484 and established the College of Arms in 1484,
which is still here today. The establishment looks after affairs
concerning heraldry. It contains coats of arms and new ones if you
apply and are entitled to bear a coat of arms (Heraldic achievements).

He plays into the Nobles and gentry’s interests showing a clear divide
in social order so he was able to use this to reward people with.

He moved Henry VI’s remains to Windsor (a more honourable place),
which helped not just to gain support from both the Yorkist and the
Lancastrians. Henry was firstly buried at Chertsey Abbey and then was
move to St George Winds...

... middle of paper ...

...n lasting only two years and two

He was a skilful tactician more hardworking than Edward and he tried
many different things to try and court popularity.

His assumption of the crown, however, was challenged immediately from
several sides. His two-year reign consisted entirely of fighting
rebellions, including an early, indirect rebellion to put Henry Tudor
on the throne. When this rebellion failed, Henry Tudor took matters
into his own hands and directly confronted Richard. Henry had only the
most tenuous claim to the throne and the Tudor monarchs would spend
the next hundred years propagandising that tenuous claim. The last
fight of this rebellion, at Bosworth in 1485, resulted in the death of
Richard. A new usurper, Henry Tudor took the throne as Henry VII just
as Europe was entering the modern period.

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