Essay on A Jewish Marriage Ceremony

Essay on A Jewish Marriage Ceremony

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A Jewish Marriage Ceremony

In Hebrew, marriage is referred to as Kiddush in (sanctification) or
nisuin (elevation). Marrying a Jewish partner is important mainly for
the sake of the children, because whether a child is Jewish or not is
determined only by its mother.

Before the wedding, the bride-to-be goes to the Mikveh, the special
immersion pool where women go to cleanse themselves from impurity
(usually menstruation) and to start fresh. In this case, the woman
goes as she is starting a new life with her fiancé.

Before the wedding the man goes to the synagogue and they throw nuts
and sweets at him to symbolize sweet life with his bride-to-be.

Both the man and woman fast on the day of the wedding, like at Yom
Kippur, for forgiveness and the start of a new life… as a couple.

All Jewish wedding ceremony’s take place under a canopy called a
huppah, which is held up by four poles. The couple stands under it as
though enclosed in their own little cubicle; this is a symbol of
harmony. The canopy is open on all sides, symbolizing that the couple
are not separated from the community. The ceremony is conducted by a
Rabbi. Three things that are needed for a Jewish wedding are:

-A ring which must be a plain band of metal with no holes, engraving
or gemstones and must belong to the groom.

-A marriage contract called a ketubah. This spells out the rights of
the married woman to be supported and cherished by her husband.

-Two eligible witnesses to observe the ceremony.

There are nine stages in a Jewish wedding which must go in correct
order. The first being the VEILING (Bedeken), after this is the
PROCESSION, which is whe...

... middle of paper ...

...inequality, if a woman wants to become equal,
she will be going against the faith and this will cause tension
between the couple

One very big argument for women becoming equal within a Jewish
marriage is that equality will in many cases take a huge burden of the
mans shoulders. If the woman works, them he may not have to worry
about their financial situation. He also may not have to worry about
the religious side of his life; if the woman can do certain religious
ceremonies where at present a man has to do to so, then a man can have
time to do other things. This may release some of the tension in their

My personal opinion on this issue, is that I think women should be
treated equally within a marriage as it removes tension within the
marriage as all the mans responsibilities are shared with the woman.

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