Essay about Globalization: Western Imperialism by Another Name

Essay about Globalization: Western Imperialism by Another Name

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In our modern society the distance between individual nations is
becoming smaller and gradually less important. As international trade
and investment grow, the economies of these nations are becoming more
integrated. This phenomenon has been labelled as globalisation.

On the surface, globalisation seems like the most favourable path for
the evolution of society, yet it can be argued that eventually the
economy will be controlled by a few major organisations, remaining
more powerful than any government or the vote of general public.
However this has been the situation for many indigenous people across
the world from as far back as the 13th century. Throughout history
dominant nations have been advancing their own civilizations through
exploiting the land, labour, raw materials and markets of weaker
nations. This process of capitalist engulfment is known as
imperialism. But is this the same as globalisation?

There are many similarities between globalisation and imperialism.
Firstly, the basic aim of globalisation, for a firm or nation, is to
invest and gain a profit, and although early imperialism may have
involved elements of discovery and territorial power, turning the
resources of the oppressed nation into money became the key motive.

On this level globalisation and imperialism seem very alike.

Political theoretician Michael Parenti has this to say on capitalist

“Capitalist imperialism invests in other countries, transforming and
dominating their economies, cultures, and political life, integrating
their financial and productive structures into an international system
of capital accumulation.”

~ ...

... middle of paper ...

...century? Well the answer is, not
much, the Third World has ever since been serving its purpose to the
west, as a source of high profits. As long as the national leaders are
bribed and are protected by US troops, there is no need to change
anything. But if globalisation is merely imperialism by another name,
the world can expect the same response imperialism has evoked
throughout history. Rebellion.

Bibliography and References

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