Mussolini's Becoming a Leader of Italy Essay

Mussolini's Becoming a Leader of Italy Essay

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Mussolini's Becoming a Leader of Italy

In a country where people are discontent with what they own, what they
earn and what their country has, irrational decisions are made in
desperation of improving their lives. When a weak government is at
hand and the only group with the power to stop them wont formulate a
logical strategy, feelings, emotions and fears of remaining hopeless
begin to surge towards a movement which is radical, violent and will
assist them in overcoming all the difficulties they have been
confronted with over a long and tedious period of Liberally inforced
distress. Or would they? A weak leadership was just one of the many
problems Italy was faced with. Could Mussolini have risen to power
without this weakness in the government, was it essential? This is
what I intend to discuss considering all the extensive factors which
may have given Mussolini that extra push towards power! There are
several reasons why change was sought after by Italians, these
include, the failings of Liberal Italy, nature of Risorgimento, the
impact and consequences of the First World War, Versaille peace terms,
D’Annunzio and Fiume, Economic dislocation, Socialist Weakness, Appeal
of Fascism, attitude and actions of national and local governments,
Mussolini’s own qualities, Fascist takeover of local government, 1921
elections and Fascist representation in parliament, Fascist violence,
support of the elite, the role of the King Victor Emmaneul, March on
Rome and the peasants discontent.

To begin with the Liberal governments failure to use Risorgimento.
This is the resurrection of nationalism which would make the people
increasingly proud ...

... middle of paper ...

...fectly how he rose with
Fascism. I believe Mussolini is Fascism. His strategies, his ways, his
beleifs, his thoughts, his weaknesses, his power, his spoilt
personality, his ability to reach every target he ever had and always
come out of situations with what he went in intending to get!!

In conclusion and after surveying all the evidence I believe Mussolini
came to power not because of his ability to rule but because of
Fascisms ability to rule. Fascism being a cocktail can mix everyones
needs in to one therefore it can satisfy everyone and those people who
are’nt satisfied can just be added in!!

Who would’nt vote for a ruler who can give them what they want? I
believe Mussolini was Fascism. I believ ascism can indeed be defined
with one simple word! MUSSOLINI. he became leader because Fascism
became a leader.

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