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Defining a Hurricane Essay

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Defining a Hurricane

A hurricane is a tropical storm that has winds of 74 miles per hour or
more. The winds can sometimes reach up to 155 miles per hour. Another
characteristic of hurricanes is their massive size that measures from
200 to 300 miles in diameter. In the center of each storm there is
what is called the eye of the storm (Image to Right). The eye of the
storm is usaually between 20-30 miles and is the calmest part of the
storm. Winds here may only be 74 miles per hour. Some hurricanes can
last for two weeks or more over open water and can run a path across
the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Hurricanes that develop in the Northern Hemisphere rotate in a
counterclockwise motion and in the Southern Hemisphere they rotate in
a clockwise motion. The direction of rotation all has to do with the
rotation of the earth. Hurricanes only develop in the Atlantic Ocean,
Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean.
The major factors that effect the development of a storm, in the
Atlantic Ocean, are ocean temperature,atmospheric pressure, the Gulf
Stream, and wind currents. The first stage in storm development begins
in a long, narrow region of low pressure that occurs in ocean winds.
These areas are called the trade winds. This area of low pressure
eventually grows into a tropical depression . Winds there can reach up
to 31 miles per hour. The next stage in hurricane development is when
the tropical depression grows into a full fledged tropical storm with
winds up to 74 miles per hour. The last stage is when it finally
becomes a hurricane. There is also a specific season, called Hurricane
Season, when hurricanes a...

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...cked down. All in all, almost any large tree in
the storm's path was badly damaged. Andrew did not have much effect on
the wildlife, however. Most of the animals survived through the storm
and the regrowth of vegetation. The Northern Florida Keys did not
escape do as well as the Wetlands. The Northern Keys were completly
stripped of vegetation.

On the coast of Louisiana 70 kilometers of sand was stripped off the
barrier islands exposing old coastal marsh. Also, over 80 percent of
the oyster reefs off the Louisiana coast had between 0.3-0.9 meters of
sediment taken away. Finally, more than 70 percent of the dunes used
to protect the wetlands and coastal population were also swept away.
This just shows that not only were people's homes, communities, and
businesses effected by this storm, but many other things were too.

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