The Impact of Refugees on a Society Essay examples

The Impact of Refugees on a Society Essay examples

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The Impact of Refugees on a Society

The argument that refugees have a negative effect on society has been
a topic of great debate for many years, both in the UK and across many
other countries. Almost since time began, the human race has had
problems when the situation in their area has changed for the worse,
and they have had to make tough decisions about where they should go
next, and the problem has never been a more prominent issue than in
today's society. It is an argument with two clearly defined sides. On
one hand, the refugees, tortured, poverty-stricken and living in fear
day and night. On the other hand, the general public, worried about
the cost of looking after the asylum seekers, the people wanting to
stay in country different to their own. It is a topic that is always
up for debate, as it is highly controversial and opinionated; but is
there a right answer for everybody? Immigrants feel that they can
flaunt the Governments immigration systems with ease, living off
benefits that they wouldn't dare to dream of getting back home. Is
Britain just a soft touch? Or is there more to the ongoing issue of
immigration than meets the eye?

It is certainly an issue with many different sites. As the editor of
the Guardian tells us, "Immigration will feature ever more strongly in
daily politics as the 21st Century unfolds." And it certainly does.
The refugees in question are not small in number, or easily ignored.
But many do have serious reasons for fleeing their native country.
Many Eastern European countries have been in poverty and ruin for many
years, the ending of the Soviet Union failing to help their plight.
Racism is a s...

... middle of paper ...

... some way, there are no outstanding reasons why they shouldn't stay
that cannot be countered equally well, as this argument has shown.
Anti-refugee groups believe that refugees' benefits should go to
people who really need them, but who is to say that refugees do not
need it too? We need benefits, so why wouldn't they? Refugees do
create conflicts, but only with people who are desperate for Britain
to be independent, almost to the point where we are completely
isolated. British people are generally very tolerant towards new
people - as long as refugees cause no trouble, there is no harm in
them being here. This applies to a vast majority, it is only a small
minority of people who cause problems by ignoring the plight of those
less fortunate in their quest for permanent isolation in this
ever-changing yet divided world.

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