Seeing as The Central Theme in the Film Wtiness Essays

Seeing as The Central Theme in the Film Wtiness Essays

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Seeing as The Central Theme in the Film Wtiness

At the beginning of this essay I will state a brief summary of the
plot of the film I will also define the word ' witness'. I will also
be focusing on the opening scene of the film. Following to I will be
focusing on the main ' witness' part of the film, the murder at
Philadelphia station. As well I will be discussing the corruption of
the police force. For one to understand all of this I will state a
brief explanation of the Amish as well as stating interesting facts
based on the Amish. I will also be discussing the conflict between the
Amish and the modern world; as well I will be discussing the conflict
between the characters John Book and Rachel. Also I will be discussing
the theme of triumph over evil. Last but not least I will be stating
my own opinion towards the film ' witness '.

Firstly, plot summary of the film ' witness '. Rachel (main actress),
and her son ' Samuel ' have left the Amish territory to go on a
journey to meet their relatives. As they reach to Philadelphia station
their train has been delayed for some time. As Rachel is waiting
Samuel goes to the public toilet, as Samuel is entering he witnesses a
man washing his hands at the sink, as Samuel is walking by, two men
enter behind him and stabs the man who was washing his hands, Samuel
immediately locks himself into a cubicle.

After this shock Samuel has seen, he tells his mum, police inspector
John Book starts questioning Samuel. John book determine there are not
safe here. Therefore John Book takes them to his sister's house.
Following day John Book takes Samuel to the police station, as John
Book is on t...

... middle of paper ...

...o I really enjoyed the different scenes which all had different
aspects to it for instance dramatic, slow etc and the music which had
really went well with each interesting scene.

My overall impression towards the film ' witness' is absolutely great,
I assume Peter Weir story line was great and how it was different
compare to other films as he chosen the Amish community and the film
demonstrated how the Amish were really strict towards their religion
and all characters I believe acted really well throughout all the
film. I think the film was a great opportunity to learn about
different people especially the Amish and how ' good always wins '. By
means of watching this film I believe I have learnt a lot in regards
with different people their tradition etc, and good over evil. It's
been a great source of learning from.

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