A Comparison of James Bond Films Essay

A Comparison of James Bond Films Essay

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A Comparison of James Bond Films

The Bond Films that I am going to compare and contrast with each other
to see which film is the most effective and why is Dr. No and Die
Another Day. I will compare both of the opening sequences by observing
camera angles, special effects, acting, sense of humour that Bond has,
stunts, catch phrases, how James Bond is played by the actor, and
other different techniques. As a conclusion for my answer I would like
to know why the first James Bond films seem to be more popular than
the latest films even though special effects, car chases, and digital
effects are much better and more advanced than ever before.

Sean Connery plays James Bond in Dr. No 1962, and Pierce Brosnon plays
James Bond in Die Another Day 20002.

Many different people like to watch James Bond over the past forty
years that it has been going (twenty films in total!), over one third
of the world's population has seen at least on of the films! No one
can deny the fact that, that Bond is it's own genre and an on going

Different people watch James Bond and range from all different ages,
race, gender, and nationality. Boys from age seven and upwards watch
the films, as it is every boys dream at some point or another to be a
spy, and have all those weird and wonderful gadgets, get the beautiful
bond girls and drive all those top of the range expensive cars. This
gives them an idea what it would be like in a way to be a spy as there
is nothing else apart from books that do.

Although I am I big James Bond fan now, I wasn't when I was younger,
and I think the reason for this is because I never dreamed of being a
spy (neith...

... middle of paper ...

... it. Outrageous
scenes helped as well but it was mainly because of how well acted and
directed the sequences are. However, though Die Another Day has the
best opening sequence Dr. No is by far the best film out of the two,
and possibly out of all the Bond films. The reason for this is because
take away all the special effects, music in the background and many
other advanced elements and have just a basic film the same as Dr. No
than to be honest Die Another Day would be rubbish. When it comes down
to it the main element in all films is the acting, and Pierce Brosnon
just simply hasn't got the talents or the presence of which Sean
Connery has with out a doubt got! I can know understand why people say
he is the best Bond, he was the first and the best Bond actor that has
been and probably the most excellent that will be.

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