Jane Austen's Novels and Their Impact Essay

Jane Austen's Novels and Their Impact Essay

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Jane Austen's Novels and Their Impact

Northanger Abbey was one of the last of Jane Austen's novels to be
published in 1818, however it was the first to be written, during the
years of 1798 and 1799. The book had originally been sold to Richard
Crosby for £10 in the spring of 1803, titled 'Susan',

Crosby decided not to publish it because he believed that the market
for Gothic satire was declining. Henry Austen bought the book back,
thirteen years later leaving it to be revised into 'Northanger Abbey',
first advertised as a romance not a novel.

Northanger Abbey is a fierce parody of the late 18th century Gothic
styles: fainting heroines, 'terror' and haunted medieval buildings.
Austen targets with particular venom Ann Radcliffe's extremely popular
The Mysteries of Udolpho and has the characters reading and mimicking
it whilst the author undermines it at every opportunity. Austen's
comparatively book as good as ruined Radcliffe's reputation.
Northanger Abbey itself concerns a typical Austen heroine, the young
Catherine Morland who is taken to the fashionable resort of Bath with
her friends the Allens. From there she travels to the medieval abbey,
the home of the Tilneys. Catherine becomes obsessed with the possible
atrocities going on at Northanger Abbey, inspired by Radcliffe's
novel. Austen injects a little romance into the novel and she puts
Captain Tilney under the spell of the scheming Isabella Thorpe. This
novel's central theme is the peril of confusing life and art, which
also occurs in Emma and Sense and Sensibility.

It was in the late 18th century and early 19th century that the novel
became the most popular reading ma...

... middle of paper ...

...he book that they are
contaminated by these popular novels, which do not reflect human
nature as it really is, that they behave as if they are the
hero/heroine or any other major character. An example of this is when
I was younger I used to watch every episode of a television serial
about an ancient Indian myth, I believed that I was one of those
characters and it was my duty to carry out the actions that they did,
which made me re-enact their character, creating my own version of the


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