Essay on Directing a Production of As You Like It

Essay on Directing a Production of As You Like It

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Directing a Production of As You Like It

This is an analysis of act IV scene iii. I am setting it in the 21st
century it will be modern as opposed to Elizabethan or Victorian.
However, the characters will all speak in the language of Shakespeare.
I have set it in the modern times, so that it appeals to more of the
younger generations. The theme of this play is based around love,
betrayal, peace, rivalry, enmity and court versus country. Examples,
love: it is all around the play and one of the themes; Orlando and
Rosalind and ultimately characters like Oliver and Celia all fall in
love. Betrayal: Duke Fredrick kicked his own brother out of the court.
Rivalry, there is major sibling rivalry between Orlando and Oliver, as
Oliver is not giving Orlando the fair treatment that he deserves.
Peace: when Orlando sees his brother in trouble, he helps him, despite
the past, and makes up again. I also feel this play is quite ironic.
This applies to characters like Orlando and Rosalind, who both
discover their love for each other, and Orlando is banished. However,
Rosalind ends up being exiled to the same place. If she had not been
exiled, she would have never found out how Orlando felt about her. The
parts which are set in the forest in the original play, will now be
set in a huge meadow, with long grass and 500 foot trees surrounding
it. The meadow will have a very "hippie" theme to it. The parts in the
palace will be set in a huge mansion off the coast of the English
Channel. The huge mansion instead of having the conventional acres of
greenery will have a beachside equivalent. It will be an all male cast
to add to the whole mistaken identity...

... middle of paper ...

...r his use of the iambic pentameter, and this is a good example of

In conclusion, I have decided to set it in modern times to make it
humorous, so that the audience will laugh. I personally, enjoy plays
much more if the audience is able to get involved, or on the other
hand I can relate to it, or laugh because it is so true to life. I
think some aspects of this play are definitely true to life, a lot of
us have lusted after people as the majority of all the characters have
in some part of the play. For example, Silvius and Phebe, Rosalind and
Orlando and Celia and Oliver. It was a very enjoyable play. I hope the
way in which I want to portray it, helps the humour. At the end of the
play, everything is sorted out; everyone gets what he or she wants.
Which, is the way the majority of Shakespeare plays end - happily.

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