The Legacy Of Apartheid Still Hangs Heavily Over South Africa Essay

The Legacy Of Apartheid Still Hangs Heavily Over South Africa Essay

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The Legacy Of Apartheid Still Hangs Heavily Over South Africa

Although the horror of apartheid has passed away there still the trail
of problems left after the horror. The problems, which have been the
heartache of south, Africans is Aid's, which is partly because of
South Africa and partly because of black males. The others are
poverty, unemployment, crime violence and gang warfare. I personally
agree with the statements because although in theory it has gone the
aftermath is still clear to be seen today.

The problems, which South Africans still face today are health
problems, there are 60% of blacks living below the poverty line
compared with only 3% whites who are quoted as having a 'affluent'
lifestyle. The main concern for South Africa and other world charity
organisation is the fact that 5million people from a population of
45million have Aids. The government weren't much help as they refused
to provide anti-retroviral drugs to infected, this has angered many
organisations that believe that this number could have been
significantly lower if the government would have sent help to those
who need it. This is only one of the problems South Africa face.

Another main problem that South Africa face is crime. Money really
made crime levels rise or in South Africa's case the lack of money
made the levels of crime rise the expected loss that south Africa lost
during the apartheid period and when the sanctions were placed was
about $27billions, the lack of investment made unemployment levels
rise and the people without jobs turned to crime as a means of
surviving. In the past 4 years battles for supremacy between ANC and
other poli...

... middle of paper ...

is very good and spent a lot of money on HIV prevention when in fact
it is because of UN involvement that they have been successful in
tackling with the problem of HIV/Aids.

In my opinion the legacy of apartheid still very much hangs over South
Africa. Although the government has begun improving the evidence is
still there to see that it will be along time before South Africa can
achieve its target of being a multi cultural country and a stable
economical state. The levels of crime, unemployment, and aids disaster
still over shadow the glory of the end of apartheid all these problems
will have to drastically improve to help South Africa regain any
chance of becoming stable and a fair nation to all races. So to sum up
I believe that apartheid has pasted but its burden on South Africa
still lives on today.

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