Goals and Objectives in Business Essay

Goals and Objectives in Business Essay

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Goals and Objectives in Business

One of the most important components of your business plan will be the
section titled, "Goals and Objectives". Simply put, this section will
be used to assist in your business planning and direction. This
section can be revisited at any point in time throughout your business
to ensure the business has met the outlined goals and objectives and
is on "track". If your plans seem to have strayed from the original
plan, you can then determine why the plans of the business have
changed and how to get back on "track".

Goals (Objectives) - are targets you set for yourself and your

Goals allow you a means to measure and gauge the success of your
company as you proceed with operating your company. Without them, how
can you tell if you are accomplishing what you initially set out to
do? This section may eventually act as a reward incentive for you if
upon reviewing your Goals section you have determined that you have
achieved what you set out to do. A reward may be as simple as telling
yourself, "Good job!", or perhaps setting out to purchase a new
computer for your office. Rewarding your achievements is a necessity
in maintaining your business perspective.

Setting Goals shows readers of your business plan how you intend to
accomplish many of the items outlined in your plan. It gives them a
feel for how you envision this company operating successfully. This
isn't to say that your Goals can't change, therefore, you write them
as to how you see things unfolding in the future from today's point of

There are three main types of business Goals. They are:

1. Short-term - things you...

... middle of paper ...

beside each of your new goals estimate a time that it may take you to
complete the task. Some goals are quite easy to place a time allotment
and some will take several minutes to even days to develop a
reasonable time frame. Use the sheets provided to start your Goals and
Objective section. Now you are on your way.

Sales and Marketing Goals

Now it is time to think of the other items that will dominate your
time beyond setting up your business that is sales and marketing.
Sales and Marketing are the most important items to think about when
developing a business and if not properly managed your business will
most likely fail.

Your goal in developing your business plan is to balance your Activity
and Marketing Charts and Cash flow sheets to reflect your goals and

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