Review of Snake by D.H. Lawrence Essay

Review of Snake by D.H. Lawrence Essay

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Review of Snake by D.H. Lawrence


*Carob-tree: a red flowered tree originally in the Mediterranean area.

* pitcher : tall, round container with an open top and large handle.

* flickered: moved

* mused : think about

* bowel: bottom of earth

* perversity: offensive

* log: tree trunk

* clatter: v. loud sound of hard things hitting

* convulsed : violent movement

* writhed: to twist and turn in great pain

* paltry: worthless

Background :

D.H. Lawrence belongs to the 20th Century. He was interested in the
idea of contrasts. Most of his writings deal with the conflict between
opposities such as instinct and artificiality apects of modern life,
good and evil, light and darkness, man and animal. He believed that
human nature in general is made of opposities.

"Snake" is a 74 line free verse poem. It incorporates a narrative
element recording the poet's encounter with a snake at his
water-trough .This poem was written when D. H. Lawrence and his wife
were living in Taormina ,Sicily in 1920. This poem is derived from
Lawrence's actual experience there.


The setting is a hot July day upon which the poet takes his pitcher to
the water-trough , where a snake is drinking The poet here recreates
the image of the traditional snake which is usually associated with
evil. He introduces two types of snakes ; the literary snake and the
allegorical one. He suggests an allegorical(metaphorical) meaning to
the idea of the snake. The snake , according to Lawrence represents
Nature that ties Man to the earth .However, he criticizes the way the
Man in modern age deals with this nat...

... middle of paper ...

...nique of modern poetry. Moreover, he
used this technique to make the reader share with him his feelings and
draw a realistic picture of his experience.

However, at some points, the writer uses different vocabulary to
atrract the attention to turning points in the poem , for example
words like "mused", "dignified" , "humility" , " proceed" to refer to
the majesty of the snake.

To sum up, it is clear that D. H. Lawrence is interested in the idea
of contradictions in life. He believes that life is bounded with
oppositions. However, in this poem he shows how he appreciates nature
and rejects all man's reason and teachings which is based on the
stereotype image of the snake. This confusion in the poet's mind is
illustrated successfully and effectively in a way that made us
identify and sympathize with this snake .

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