Essay on The Issue of Capital Punishment as in the film Dead Man Walking

Essay on The Issue of Capital Punishment as in the film Dead Man Walking

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The Issue of Capital Punishment as in the film Dead Man Walking

In this essay I am going to analyse and explain how the issue of
Capital Punishment is portrayed in the film "Dead Man Walking", a true
story acted out.

Before I proceed with this essay, I think it necessary to give some
background information on Capital Punishment. Capital punishment, also
referred to as the death penalty, is the ordered execution of a
prisoner as a punishment for a serious crime. Prisoners are kept in an
isolated part of the prison, often-called Death Row, until the
execution date.

Methods of execution have varied over time and include; lethal
injection, decapitation (using a sword, axe or guillotine),
Electrocution (in an electric chair), hanging, gassing, strangulation,
drowning. Also used at some point were the methods of burning,
crucifixion, impalement, crushing, stoning, shooting by firing squad,
disembowelment, sawing, tearing apart by horses, devouring by wild
animals and crushing by an elephant. The most common method of
execution these days is lethal injection. 111 countries out of the
estimated 193 on earth do not practice Capital Punishment, but in 30
of the remaining known countries do practice Capital Punishment. In
the US 895 people have been executed from 1976 to 2003.

The story of the "Dead Man Walking" is as follows. A convicted killer
on Death Row called Matthew Poncelet has been sentenced to death by
lethal injection. He has committed the crime of attacking two
teenagers, a boy, and a girl, raping the girl then killing them both.
He writes to Christian nun, Sister Helen Prejean and asks her to find
him a decent lawyer i...

... middle of paper ...

..., I think that the UK in leaning towards the against side. I
believe this is true because of all the reports of the many executions
in other countries and harrowing cases, many criminals having botched
executions and people speaking out against the system in those
countries are taking drastic affect on the people of the United
Kingdom's views. I think the person who directed the film, although
trying to show both sides of the true story has let the film become
biased, by only showing one sides arguments against Capital Punishment
due to his own thoughts on the matter.

Nevertheless if the film was not biased I think it would be a great
way to show Christian teachings to youngsters. The story is true and
this is what makes the issue real, after watching the film their views
on the matter undoubtedly become established.

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