Evaluation of Key Sources of Cold War to Address the Question of Increased Tension

Evaluation of Key Sources of Cold War to Address the Question of Increased Tension

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Evaluation of Key Sources of Cold War to Address the Question of Increased Tension

The cold war was a period in time where there was a feeling of mutual
mistrust between America and the Soviet Union. This was especially so
during the 1950s and early 1960s. This mutual mistrust led to an arms
race between the two superpowers, America being the dominant country
at the time. This heightened competition also occurred in the form of
a space race.

Source A1 is a British cartoon published during the Olympic games of
1960. The source is a primary source and displays the 4 powers of the
world in a race together. The race metaphorically depicts an arms race
and displays America in first place closely followed by the soviet
leader Nikita Khrushchev, with Britain and France following behind in
3rd and 4th place respectively.

The source could be labelled biased as it is published by a British
newspaper that is therefore likely to display America as being ahead
in the arms race; The UK has a special relationship with the US. The
cartoon will display to the British public their need to 'catch-up' in
the arms race; the British are shown as being a considerable distance
behind in the metaphorical 'race'.

The race is set in the Olympic Games that give it a great sense of
irony. The Olympic Games are usually a symbol of fair play. The
cartoon displays a flag with the words 'The important thing is not
winning - but taking part' Reinforcing the irony. The imagery and
mockery of the arms race is continued as the Olympic flames carried by
each runner are replaced with the classic mushroom cloud of a nuclear
explosion. It is important to note that ...

... middle of paper ...

Berlin' which is used as an example of freedom and the capitalist way
of life. It is useful for showing that people saw what was good about
the west and bad about communism. The speech increases tension as
Kennedy is going against communism, 'Communism is an evil system.' And
the fact that Kennedy is prepared to be associated with Berlin shows
increased tension, 'Ich bin ein Berliner!'

So many features of the period 1961 - 1963 catapulted superpower
tensions into new heights. The Gary Powers incident, American
involvement in the Vietnam war and the issue of Berlin. It is
difficult to pinpoint which was the tuning point in relations but it
is a definite fact that this great increase in tension teased the
prospect of nuclear war and pushed both sides into difficult
decisions, it is likely they would later regret.

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