The Role of Genes in the Development of Behavior Essay

The Role of Genes in the Development of Behavior Essay

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The Role of Genes in the Development of Behavior

The debate concerning the influence of genes on human behavior has
been on-going for centuries. The nature vs. nurture (or heredity Vs.
environment) debates are one of the longest running, and most
controversial, both inside and outside psychology. It is concerned
with some of the most fundamental questions a human being could ask,
such as 'Why are we they way we are?' and 'why do we develop as we
do?' Historically this debate has been fought from extreme
perspectives, arguing that it is either nature (an individuals
heredity genetic make up), or nurture (the environmental influences
upon an individual) that determine a person's behavior. However in
modern psychology is has generally been accepted that these are
impossible positions to take. It is neither true to say that
development is caused either by genetic factors or by environmental
ones, but instead a constant interaction between the two. This topic
is generally researched by examining individual's intelligence, for
example, by comparing the results of tests on both monozygotic (MZ)
and Dizygotic twins, brought up in shared and non-shared environments.
Most researchers now agree that both heredity and environment
contribute to intelligence, heredity and environment interact in
various ways and that extremely poor, as well as enriched environment
can interfere with the realization of a person's intelligence,
regardless of his or her heredity. Although there are many problems in
investigating this topic, these basic assumptions suggest that genes
infact do play a very significant role in the development of
behavior. The questio...

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