Iron Ore Processes and History Essay

Iron Ore Processes and History Essay

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Iron Ore Processes and History


An ore also is a mixture of one or more minerals. We distinguish ore
from rock in that a valuable and/or useful material can be mined or
extracted from the ore. This material often is a metal. Iron ore, is
mined for its iron content. Mining companies sell the ore to
manufacturers who extract the iron and use it in producing iron and
steel products. The portion of the ore that is not iron is considered
a waste or by-product. Even though it is considered a waste of the
iron process, the by-product may be useful in some other process.

Firstly, iron is quite magnetic. Ores can be located by magnetic
sensing akin to backyard metal detectors, and possibly even harvested,
unoxidised iron at least, with simple electromagnets.

Underground mining is achieved by sinking shafts to the appropriate
levels and then driving horizontal tunnels, called adits, to reach the
ore. Underground mining is, however, relatively expensive and is
generally limited to rich ores.

Iron compounds are used as a colourant in glasses, which look to have
a tremendous importance in lunar construction, manufacturing, and

Process: Over-view

Smelting is a way of getting metals from the rocks in which they exist
in their natural form. These rocks are often known as ores. These ores
are heated to a high temperature in an oven or a kiln, so that the
metal in them melts and flows out of them. This molten metal is then
collected from the base of the oven.

A furnace for smelting ironstone at high temperatures beyond the
melting point of Iron (Fe, 1540°C) is used. These furnaces are us...

... middle of paper ...

...dustrialist John Marshall and designed by his business
partner Charles Bage. It took over a year to build and was a first in
structural engineering; it was the first iron-framed building in the
world. It's the mill's design that makes it such a groundbreaking
building, because it was the first building in the world to be
constructed around an iron frame. Charles Bage developed a perfectly
valid method of designing cast iron beams on the basis of tests and
Galileo's bending theory.

(bd2) x (a constant depending on the material)

Where b and d are breadth and depth of section

This system was later taken up and employed to construct tall
buildings all over the world. Essentially this structure represents
the birth of the skyscraper, most notably adopted during the
reconstruction of Chicago almost a century later.

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