A Comparison of Italy and Bangladesh Essay

A Comparison of Italy and Bangladesh Essay

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A Comparison of Italy and Bangladesh


Most of us have a mental picture or image of what a country is like.
However if you were asked to compare two countries what would you
start to think about? Maybe you would search for the differences and
similarities between both countries, any way, I would take into
consideration the main facts and differences between both countries
and compare them.

All countries are different. Some, for example are rich and have
higher standards of living. Others are poor and have lower standards
of living. Countries that differ in this way are said to be at
different stages of development. To be able to identify the more
developed countries notice that the richer countries are mainly in the
'North' and the poorer countries in the 'South'.

My project is about Bangladesh in comparison to Italy. Italy, which is
a lot more developed than Bangladesh, will be the choice for many to
visit, however what response will Bangladesh get.


Map of Italy

Italy is situated in Southern Europe; it is in fact very popular and
has many features that have made the country very well-known
throughout the world.

Tourists are attracted to Italy for many reasons. These include a very
interesting history, beautiful and varied scenery, and a very pleasant

Many Italians live in cities and this is why people in Italy are not
spread evenly. Some areas are very crowded whilst others are almost

The Industrial Triangle is centred around Milan, Turin and Genoa. The
region has the greatest concentration of wealth and industry in all of

The Valle d'Aosta ...

... middle of paper ...

about which country I would most want to visit.

I would prefer to live in Italy because it is a far more developed
country and has a lot more facilities than Bangladesh. The quality of
life is at a high standard in Italy whereas in Bangladesh, living
conditions are worse.

Italy also has availability of all the things needed to survive and it
is a country full of ease.

Italy has better features such as hotels, restaurants and theatres.
However Bangladesh lacks all of these attracting features. In Italy
there are more opportunities, as there are huge industries that reduce
unemployment rates. Jobs are well paid and easy to gain. Education is
always a deciding factor and is of a high standard in Italy compared
to Bangladesh.

Considering all these I would definitely opt for Italy to settle and
live in.

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