Use of Mis en Scene in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott Essay

Use of Mis en Scene in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott Essay

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Use of Mis en Scene in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott

Blade Runner, 1982, and Blade Runner: The Directors Cut, 1992, was
based on the 1968 novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Written
by Philip K. Dick. The film was made at a cost of $25million even
though they expected to be half as much. At the time of its' release
critics hated it and so it was poorly received in the media but when
it became able to buy on video people began to appreciate it, so it
became more popular.

The film is set in 2019 and industry has taken over the once glamorous
city of Los Angeles. The Tyrell Corporation has made history with the
development of Replicants. Replicants look like normal humans but they
are faster, stronger and smarter and for this they were not allowed to
live on Earth but used for slavery in space. They have a life span of
only 4 years; this is to stop their minds developing. Roy (Rutger
Hauer) leads a group of four Replicants to find their creator and ask
for their life span to be extended. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a
Blade Runner, and his job is to track the Replicants down and retire
them. After Deckard has retired two of the Replicants, Leon and Zhora,
Roy and Pris get the help of J.R. Sebastian, a graphic designer who
helped to design the Replicants. We also meet Rachael (Sean Young) she
is also a Replicant but has been kept by Tyrell and has been given
memories. Rachael however doesn't know she is one. Roy and Pris go to
Tyrell and ask him about a life extension but Tyrell is unable to help
them. Roy then kills Tyrell his creator, his God, in a way. It all
ends with Deckard retiring the last two remaining Replicants in a...

... middle of paper ...

... hear that L.A. is
like hell. You get this impression of hell by the way the music
accompanies the opening shot of the flames rising from the factories
the music suddenly is louder and a lot more powerful than when we see
the close up of the eye and the space ship flying towards the

I think that Ridley Scott has created a very effective Mis-en-Scene in
every aspect of the film, from the sets to the costume. I think the
sets were the most effective because every detail was there, the
crowded markets, the cluttered shop windows. The Mis-en-Scene shows us
what we fear the most in the future, the fact that we destroyed the
planet that has been our home for millions and millions of years. It
is a 'man against machine' world and when Roy kills Tyrell, it means
that even the creator is powerless against them.

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