Designer Babies and Nature Essay

Designer Babies and Nature Essay

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Designer Babies and Nature

Improving on nature is basically when we, as a society, interfere with
the natural process of nature e.g. plant growth. A present day example
of when we have been trying to improve on nature is Genetically
Modified Foods, a topic that is currently the subject of a lot of
debate. The people who are entrusted to improve on nature, the
scientists, do it with the intention of giving us a better quality of

The latest major idea to come from the world of science on how we can
improve on nature is the concept of genetically modified embryos, or
so-called "designer babies". It is reported that scientists are coming
very close to having the technology to manipulate and screen embryos
so that any diseases could be eliminated or immunised against. The
technology could even be used to manipulate eye colour and other
characteristics of an embryo, even gender.

When we began our class debating and research of designer babies, I
immediately took an extremely conservative and one-sided outlook on
the topic. I believed that any thought of genetically engineering
babies was sick and that there was no way we could put our future
generations at risk by making them into some mad scientist's warped
experiment, no matter how good were the intentions about wiping out
disease were. If we left any loopholes in the use of the technology,
it would be exploited and then it would be no time before we ended up
having mass human genetic engineering laboratories, like those in
"Brave New World" by Aldus Huxley or failed experiments such as
Frankenstein in Mary Shelly's novel of the same name.

However, as we delved deeper ...

... middle of paper ...

...d that
detailed, informed debate takes place immediately otherwise we could
end up with a human spare parts industry or a warped Utopia, like
Brave New World.

The voice of history and literature should not be ignored as they can
serve as warnings to the governments today. The attempted Swedish
eugenics of the 1970's is only today fully coming to light and Brave
New World is so frighteningly accurate it chills my spine thinking
about it.

I believe strongly that depending on the choices of our governments
now, we are either on the verge of a discovery so great it could
change human life for the better like never before, or, if the wrong
choices over legislation and the extent to which genetic engineering
can go are made, then we could, over an amazingly short period of
time, initiate our own self destruction.

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