The Jurisdiction of the European Parliament Essay

The Jurisdiction of the European Parliament Essay

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The Jurisdiction of the European Parliament

The European Parliament is the only elected body in all of the
European Union institutions. The E.Parliament currently has 732
Members elected in the twenty-five member states of the European Union
for a five-year term, of which 78 MEPs are from the UK. Most of the
time, Parliament and the MEPs are based in Brussels where its
specialist committees meet to scrutinize plans for new EU laws. The
European Parliament is largely advice giving, and the role it has on
budgetary and legislative matters is gradually increasing.

Parliament meets for one week a month in Strasbourgto amend and vote
draft legislation and policy. A number of additional two days are also
held in Brussels. The headquarters of Parliament's civil service is
located in Luxembourg, in accordance with the decision of the EU
member states, though many of its officials are based in Brussels.

The Council of Ministers works closely with the E.Parliament. The
council is the main decision making body of the European Union. The
council passes laws, usually legislating jointly with the
E.Parliament. it is responsible for co-coordinating broad economic
policies of the member states. The E.Parliament is an active
participant in this legislative process. On a broad range Community
legislation is adopted jointly by the Parliament and the Council using
a so-called so-decision procedure. The Commission often takes account
of Parliament's amendments and forwards an amended proposal to the
Council. The Council can adopt it by a qualified majority; it can
modify it only by a unanimous vote.

In the UK the European elections are held ever...

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...ts for almost half the total
although it used to be ¾. Although British farmers benefit very
substantially from the CAP, the country as a whole pays more than it
gets because British farms are relatively large and efficient.
Currently, this policy is controversial because, in trying to preserve
fish stocks, it has affected the livelihoods of fishing communities in

As you can see from these examples, it is easy to see that the
European parliament does have the authority to make a difference to
the lives of British people. The EU laws override the existing English
laws, showing mere supremacy. There are also factors which disagree
with the fact that Parliament has authority over British citizens, and
I have explained these also. Overall I agree with this statement, and
my reasons have been fully explained.

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