President Kennedy as the Saviour of the Western World After The Cuban Missile Crisis

President Kennedy as the Saviour of the Western World After The Cuban Missile Crisis

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President Kennedy as the Saviour of the Western World After The Cuban Missile Crisis

On October 22 1962, President Kennedy informed the world, that the
Soviet Union was building missile bases in Cuba. Superpower
brinkmanship came close to exploding into nuclear war because of these
missiles. When Khrushchev finally backed down ,the crisis appeared to
have ended victoriously for Kennedy and America. American propaganda
took the opportunity to praise America's triumphant way of dealing
with the crisis and Kennedy's role of saving the Western World from

However recent research is critical of Kennedy's claim to be the
Savior of the Western World, because he was not alone in resolving the
situation, and Kennedy's negative attitude towards Cuba contributed in
beginning, endorsing and escalating the crisis.

American Media presented Kennedy's role in the Crisis as that of the
Savior of the Western world. American propaganda said that his
resolutness to soviet hostility had caused Khrushchev to remove soviet
missiles from Cuba.

A cartoon, drawn at the height of the cold war, presented the idea of
the Crisis as an old fashioned Western shoot out. The cartoon enhanced
Kennedy's reputation by presenting him as the good guy ,standing up to
evil but also undermined Khrushchev's reputation.

At Kennedy's funeral, a member of Excom remarked on Kennedy's 'Skill
and firmness that saved the world'. Sorenson stressed that 'If anyone
else had been president, it is likely the world would have been blown

The American media held this view of Kennedy being the savior of the
Western world because they had confidence in Kenned...

... middle of paper ... the Organization of American states, Cuba became
more reliant on the Soviet Union. The European Allies of the USA felt
stunned at how little they were consulted throughout the catastrophe
and felt insignificant.

I feel that contemporaries were wrong to regard President Kennedy as
the savoir of the Western world because although Kennedy successfully
stopped the Crisis from escalating into nuclear war, if it were not
for his actions towards Cuba in the beginning then the Cuban Missile
Crisis would never have occurred.

Kennedy's threats towards Cuba pushed Castro into a strong
relationship with the Soviets and many things that Kennedy was praised
for such as blockading Cuba were not even his own ideas. The cold war
and super power rivalry continued until the Soviet president Gorbachev
initiated peace proposels.

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