Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty Essay

Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty Essay

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Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty

When we think poverty, we think being poor, hungry, homeless which is
exactly what it means. The opposite of this would be wealthy, meaning
a lot of money, property or riches. Even the world we live in is
separated between wealthy and poor, this is called the north-south
divide. The wealthier countries are located to be in the north, areas
including USA, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Egypt. Meanwhile you would
find poorer countries to be in the south, for example Brazil, Mexico,
even poorer countries where you are more likely to find poverty would
be places like Sudan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. When measuring a
countries wealth it is usually measured by their GDP per capita. Some
of the richest countries in the world include Luxembourg, USA,
Switzerland and some of the poorest countries are Sierra Leone,
Tanzania. Ethiopia and Somalia. This essay will be looking at
Christian and Islamic views on wealth and poverty.

Many Christians believe that wealth is acceptable as long as it is
used to help others. Although the bible suggests that being rich may
make you selfish, "people who want to get rich fall into temptation
and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires", (Timothy
6:9-10). Christians believe it is important to share your wealth; an
example of this is the story in the bible, the parable of the sheep
and the goat, where Jesus told the bad people they would be sent to
hell. An example of the British government sharing their wealth with
the poor is when foreign secretary Jack Straw visited Khartoum to help
the humanitarian situation in Darfur; he came up with a 5-point plan

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...desh cannot
afford. Christian aid finds helping people for the long term important
as it is helping people to help themselves.

Christian aid spends about 5% of their budget on educating people and
churches of Britain on why world development is important and how they
can help them. They have helped people in Afghanistan, where under the
taliban regime education for girls was banned and now they are allowed
they need the money to be able to pay for it which Christian aid is
helping them with.

Although all the work Christian aid participate in is very important,
the long-term help they provide is probably the most useful as it can
help people to help themselves. If people are educated then they can
make a future for themselves. "Give a man a fish; feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime".

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